Thursday, 10 October 2013

What size exhibition stand should you buy ?

We often get asked the question; What size exhibition stand will fit within my allocated exhibition floor area ?

To help remove some of the confusion as to how much floor space the most popular pop up stands take up we have added a webpage to help with this, which can be found here.

The most common mistake made by people looking to order a pop up stand is of assuming a 3x3 pop up stand is 3 metres wide by 3 metres high. This is not the case, as the 3x3 instead refers to the number of frame sections within the collapsible frame structure. Thus a 3x3 has 3 frame sections wide and 3 frame sections high.

Just to confuse people even further, some manufacturers refer to a 3x4 as 3 frame sections high by 4 frame sections wide (most common) and others refer to this as 3 frame sections wide by 4 frame sections high !
The same goes for other sizes of pop up stands like 3x2, 3x5 and 3x6.

If you are in any doubt please feel free to contact us for more help.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Exhibiting on an extremely tight budget

I have been in the print industry now for over 25 years and spent the past 21 years specialising in large format print for exhibitions.

In this time the costs of producing large format graphics for exhibitions has dramatically dropped due to changes in technology and print methods, but this doesn't stop the need for even cheaper prices and cost savings.

I am often called by people that have purchased a second hand exhibition stand who are looking for advice on purchasing new graphics to fit to an old frame or stand structure. This can in some cases work out really well if you are lucky enough to have purchased a stand that has been well looked after. If you are in any doubt you can email me photos of what you are potentially looking to buy and I will give you my advice and give you a price for new graphics.

The other option is to buy from new.

If buying from new you will need to consider - build quality of hardware, printing quality of graphics, easy of use and of course customer service and attention to detail from your supplier.

At RGL Displays we have many different options for your exhibition stand hardware and you can always be assured that you will receive top quality printed graphics with exceptional customer service.

If you are looking to exhibit on a tight budget please give me a call or visit our website to see how RGL can help you at your next exhibition, conference or event.

Rob Russell
Managing Director
RGL Displays Ltd