Thursday, 31 July 2014

Should I spend slightly more on my pop up banners ?

Before trying to answer this question I would like to take you back 15 years ago to 1999.
Around this time pop up banners were sold through a handful of dealers across the UK and were commonly called 'roller banners'. The base units on these banners were made to last and worked well but would cost on average £300 for a regular 800mm wide banner !

This sounds like a lot now but back then there were only a few companies selling these items on the internet and printing machines were slow and expensive to run, meaning that if you wanted to order these for an exhibition you had to be prepared to spend quite a bit to buy them.

Since this time the competition for selling these banners has increased dramatically and this has both reduced the cost of these exhibition stands and at the same time reduced the quality of many that I have seen.

What looks great on a website may not be as good in the flesh, and with prices falling to silly levels I'm afraid in many cases you will get what you pay for !

The first question you should ask yourself before buying these banners is, 'Do I want my banners to look great and be easy for me  to use' ? In most cases this would be yes, although I have to question this with some I have seen.

Next I would ask myself, 'Am I going to use these often or for just one event' ? If ordering for just one event you could save some money by ordering something a little bit more budget £45 - £55, but it may be better to spend £10 more and get something that looks better when up, £65 will get you a good budget banner.

If your company has a slightly larger budget and wants the banners to last longer or maybe have the ability to replace or change the graphics at a later date then it would be worth spending between £79 - £170 depending on the look and make of the banner. Some makes come with a lifetime guarantee against component failure which is always nice to have, while the cheaper ones do not.

I would recommend spending at least £55 for a easy to use good quality pop up banner and checking to make sure that it comes with a high quality printed graphic with a laminate to protect the image face. I would not recommend ones with pvc graphics unless being used in very large bases or outdoors.
If you are unsure about what banners to buy please drop me an email with your questions and I will be happy to help you decide.

Rob Russell
RGL Displays Ltd