Monday, 14 September 2015

RGL provides recycled roller banners and pop up stands

With so many roller banners or small pop up stands having been sold over the past decade we got to thinking about what we could do as a company to help other companies reduce their carbon footprint when it comes to ordering exhibition stands.

As we were often being asked if we could make use of old exhibition stands we decided to accept used roller banners and take out the old graphics and make ready to accept new graphics and sell them as recycled banners.

For environmentally conscious clients this has already proved to be very popular as they continue to receive outstanding print quality, only inserted into a banner cassette which has already been used at least once before.

At first glance this may only seem like a small gesture to the planet, but when you think about the savings to the worlds raw materials, fuels and minerals we feel that more like this needs to be done to help wherever possible.

Recycled banners
To find out more about our recycled banners please visit our webpage here.

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