Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Which exhibition stands provide great straight backdrops ?

Wherever you go to at exhibitions you will always see people struggling to assemble straight pop up stands. The truth is, even with adjustable feet it is not easy to make a straight pop up stand look amazing unless you have some experience of this.

So what is the solution to this issue ?

I suppose the first question to ask yourself is, do I need a straight or curved pop up stand ?

If the answer is that you need to have a straight stand to fit into the exhibition space that you have then my advice would be to instead buy a linking banner stand.

In my opinion the best linking banner stand on the market is the 'Twist Original' system.

The Twist is a modular exhibition system which can not only be used to form an amazingly straight graphic wall but also has the ability to form bends and shapes when adding flex-link joining panels.

How do Twist exhibition stands do this ?

The Twist exhibition stand has a patented tensioning system which holds your graphics flat and in position even on uneven floors. In effect the graphics are free to tilt with the floor and are held together by the use of magnetic joining bars at the rear of the stand.

Depending on what size stand it is that you need, Twist exhibition stands will usually cost slightly more than the usual pop up stands being sold but they are extremely versatile and very popular due to their quality and ease of use.

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